Whole Lamb


Whole Lamb


Buy a whole lamb for the best meat a home cook or chef could ask for.

The lambs get processed on the farm, and meat is cut to your orders. I require a $105 deposit for processing. The meat is $10per/pound which is due at pick up. Meat can be picked up on the farm or delivered locally for free. If you are more than $15 miles we can work out a delivery fee.

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Greetings from Fortunate Ewe Farm


It’s been a great year and our farm has grown thanks to your support.  We would like to offer you this year’s crop of lamb, mutton, sheepskin, and wool.  Lamb and mutton will be available starting in August through November. Our lambs produce mild, tender, and healthy meat.

We sell lambs by the whole and half. We are currently accepting orders for lambs that will be harvested in fall of 2017. The price this year is $12.00/lb. hanging weight (this is the weight at the butcher, after head, hide, and internal organs have been removed). The take home weight of the meat is generally around 75% of the hanging weight.

For a typical lamb with a hanging weight of 40-55 lbs., depending on what cuts you specify, you could expect to take home 30-40 lbs. The cost for this whole lamb would be $480 – $660.  This year we will have a supply of mutton, for $8/lb. hanging weight. If they weigh between 100-125 lbs. that would provide you with approximately 75-100 lbs. of meat to take home.  Our supply never lasts long, so please mail in your cut sheet and $100 deposit to reserve yours today!

Sheepskins will be available for $200 apiece. They are naturally tanned at a local tannery. Our sheepskins are just beautiful, and are great for babies, dogs, and people alike. The soft, breathable cushion that sheepskins provide will sooth and comfort any being. They will be available in November - January and will require a $100 deposit. 

There is also Fortunate Ewe yarn!  It is a sport weight, double-ply in a natural color brown. Its available until I sell out at $18.00/skein.  

We truly enjoy what we do on Fortunate Ewe Farm and we are excited to share our sustainably and ethically raised products with our local community. Please contact me with if you plan to buy meat, sheepskins, or yarn so I can fill requests. If you like our products please recommend them to a friend you will receive a 5% discount on your orders. Make sure they use your name in the order form.

In the meantime, please print out the cut sheet and mail it along with your deposit to Fortunate Ewe Farm 888 King Road, Cambridge, NY, 12816 518-677-2493. If you want a fluffy sheepskin please just mail in the deposit and I will reserve one for you and will mail it out to you when it is ready.  Please include all your mailing information, phone number and email. 

All the best, Ashley Bridge & Jay Bridge